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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Thoughts

Birthdays! I love them! I think that I always will. It's a day that I don't have to feel guilty about extra attention! I hope that when I am 80, I am still celebrating. My family has always made a big deal about birthdays - going to dinner, presents, laughter and fun! I just can't relate to those people who want to hide under the table when the restaurant staff come out to sing "Happy Birthday". I say, the bigger the sombrero, the better - bring it on! My mother was insturmental in creating the perfect birthday atmosphere. She would send me flowers at school, invite friends and family over - she always had plenty of snacks and goodies around. I don't know how she did it - but she would really listen to my likes and dislikes and on my birthday, she would have the perfect gift waiting for me when I woke up! I miss her! One tradition in our family is the worm cake. It's two bundt cakes cut in two and then fit back together in the shape of a winding worm. After frosting the cake, you stick long red licorice strips all over it and then place two oreos for eyes and a gumdrop for the nose (I know worms don't have noses - but birthday worms do!) The perfect birthday cake - a little ugly, but cute in it's own way! Tim and the kids are so good about keeping those traditions. In fact, Tim just came home from work and picked up the kids to go "do something". Hmmmm...wonder what that is? They are sneaky snakes! I can't wait!
As I reflect on birthday...I think about all that life has given me! I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children - and I mean their hearts more than anything, a safe home, adorable pets, a fun job, loving friends, an inspiring church family, and so many lessons learned! I have seen my share of hard times - the loss of both of my parents to cancer, the loss of my Pappy and other treasured family members, but through it all, I have learned so much about life and living. I never want to take a day for granted. Now mind you, I have plenty of days that I just sit around thinking of all that I need to do - but even in those moments, I am reflecting on the Lord and his grace and goodness! Even the bad days are worth living - fully living- in gratitude and thanksgiving! Live, Love Learn!

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